She Codes Challenges and Homework

Challenge 11: I failed on this one, I could not get the text to change back to white, even when I looked at the solution.

Challenge 10:  round the corners of the button and add a drop shadow.

Challenge 9:   Add a button, use the same text color as Heading 1, add a small margin around it, and padding in it with a transparent background.

Challenge 8: Center the image and heading 3.

Challenge 7:  Change colors to exact colors using # and then the numbers for those colors to change heading and subheading and add a background color.


Challenge 6: Center She Codes, change the color to purple, and a new, more minor heading centered and green.


Challenge 5: changing the colors of coders, courses, and stories using classes.

Challenge 4: Make the heading red, a larger size, a thinner weight, and underline it.

Challenge 3 – Stop using Vpen and use VS instead. Create a meta head and transfer info from Vpen to VS. I also created an HTML with my intended novel’s rough draft title.

One day I will write this book!
This lesson’s challenge.

Challenge 2: add hyperlinks and an image

Challenge 1:

Solution 1: