Research Writing

Comments from students after completing the work for my Literacy Project Inquiry.

Historiography: Graduate Seminar in U.S. History – American Public Univesity 2022

MT Final Research Paper US History

Pastoniskua[‘s] mkezainal[s]:1. Through Her Eyes: A Different Approach to the Hannah Duston Captivity Narrative

The requirements were to take on a person in history and write a Historiography.  I contacted my professor and asked if I could combine the saturation research paper with a historiography approach, and he approved. 

Thesis: M.S. Communications – Shippensburg University 2004

with statistical analysis. literature review, pre-testing with McCloskey public speaking anxiety scale and OFFER Self-image scale with ten constructs, year-long activities in speech class, and post-testing with same testing measurements.

A draft project for Peer Response and Writing Centers: Theories and Practices course at Johns Hopkins

A year-long scaffolded approach to teaching peer review via a variety of listening activities, modeling, reading and responding, deconstructing, and practice

Project Inquiry: MS in Literacy Education – Shenandoah University 2018

with statistical analysis Literature review, pre-testing comprehension and contextual and spontaneous writing, teaching sentence combining method, and post-testing with variant forms of the pre-test.

Outline of Education in Finland presentation given to the Jefferson County School Board in Charles Town, WV 2018

A look at Teaching philosophies set ups, and multi-subject/genre project-based learning programs in the Finland Education System. Photos of schools in Tempere, Finland.

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